Welcome to Awanti Polymoulds

Awanti  Polymoulds Private Limited is a premier source for a Blow Mould Manufacturer in India with a prime quality Stretch Blow moulds for manufacturing PET products. PET products are now universally used in a plethora of applications. The intrinsic advantages of the PET material have ensured that it replaces glass for moulding containers that are used for food and edible items. PET products need special high speed, high accuracy moulds. These moulds need critical care and attention during design, manufacture and application.

Despite the criticality, once correctly matched with the moulding machine, these moulds last over 6 million operations and have long service lives with low maintenance needs.

Creating these PET moulds is the work of a specialist. It needs the touch of an expert with a vision to create precise, customized and intricate moulds on a large scale.  We introduce –   Awanti  Polymoulds Private Limited.

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Core Activities

  • Bottle designing
  • Mould manufacturing
  • Mould and bottle testing

Our Clients