Awanti – Exporting quality since the beginning!

Any manufacturing company is known for the quality of products it manufactures. Along with the quality, factors such as durability of the product, the strength of the product and the materials utilized are also very important. If the company does not follow a premium process or use proper raw materials to make the products, it is difficult for the firm to acquire a loyal customer base. This in-turn hampers the reputation of the company.
For products like moulds for making plastic bottles accuracy and consistency is very vital, and we make sure that we maintain it. We use reliable raw materials and follow precise machining processes using CNC machines. We also have highly skilled and technically sound designers and technicians working on the products to make them accurately.

We at Awanti, do not at all compromise on the quality of the moulds and products being manufactured. Since our inception, in 1990, we have been known for maintaining the accuracy to last millimeter. The precision of the moulds is given paramount importance owing to which the whole process of manufacturing is carried out with great technique and proper machines and infrastructure. We make sure our products meet the aesthetic and the functional value and are apt for stacking, transportation, high-pressure filling etc.

Just like the manufacturing even exportation is one of the most important factors that is been carried out with utmost care in the unit

Here are some of the requirements for exportation that fulfilled in Awanti

  1. Quality

As mentioned before Awanti indulges in manufacturing of premium quality moulds and products hence the same are exported keeping in mind the customer satisfaction and requirements. 

  1. Technical Back – Up

We don’t stop at just delivering the products we also make sure that for a wholesome experience and satisfaction of the customers, we provide them with technical back up as well. 

  1. Timely Delivery

The major factor about exporting a product is timely and easy delivery which we very diligently follow.

  1. Pocket Friendly Products

We make sure that we try and give premium quality products in the most reasonable and affordable rates.

Awanti polymoulds has been exporting great quality moulds and other products since almost past 20 years over 15 countries now. All these years we have maintained the quality of the product and wish to continue to do so for years to come by.

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