Blow Moulding and More

Plastic bottles and containers are used everywhere. They are very good for the purpose of storage. Be it water or medicines or certain liquid editable items. They are created in various shapes and sizes, be it a large plastic container used to store many liters of water or be it a small plastic bottle used to store a fruit juice.

At Awanti we manufacture plastic bottles with help of the Blow Moulding Process. It is basically a process where hollow plastic parts are formed and later joined together. There are three types of Blow Moulding processes – Exclusion, Injection & Injection Stretch Blow Moulding. We primarily focus on Stretch Blow Moulding.

Right since the inception in 1990, Awanti Polymoulds has pioneered and led manufacturing, designing and testing of PET bottles. PET products are used in many applications. Special attention must be given during the manufacturing of these products as they need accuracy and relevant designs. Taking this in to consideration major factors that are looked at are the accuracy of measurement, the strength and the requirement of the customers. It is ensured that the bottles possess both aesthetic as well as functional values.

Customer satisfaction in India as well as abroad has been the major agenda, since the formation of Awanti Polymoulds.  Constant and prominent efforts have been made in that direction. Our moulds are durable, accurate and require low maintenance. Once the moulds are properly and correctly matched with the moulding machine these moulds have the capability to last for more than 6 million operations. We take care of precision, customization and intricacy. All the three steps of the process (bottle designing, mould manufacturing and testing) are carried on with utmost care and accuracy.

Awanti polymoulds has been supplying blow moulds to the industry since a long time. Be it fruit juices or breweries, health drinks or carbonated drinks, personal care products or edible oils, being the leading Blow Mould manufacturers in India, every industry has been provided with blow moulds through us.

There is lot more to Blow Moulding and the journey of providing the world with the best blow moulds will go forever!

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