Bottled Water Industry


Water has been carried from one place to the other in many ways. In olden times water used to carried in bags or vessels. Slowly the use of stored water in such small units increased with the demand. People needed it while traveling or while going to work and in many other such scenarios. Gradually bags or vessels got replaced by glass as it was readily available in cheaper rates and it retained water.

The invent of PET in the era of 70s, saw the first plastic bottle which was capable to be utilized for storing water. Plastic later got utilized on a large scale for storing water due to the bottles being light weight and being less prone to be cracked or broken. In the recent times around the year 2015 this plastic which was utilized to bottle drinking water, due to various regulatory changes made by many governments, was changed and made much thinner.

PET is largely used to make bottles for drinking water because of one major advantage it possesses- it is recyclable and can be easily manufactured hence it is environment friendly and cost effective.

Size & Revenue

The plastic bottles which are used to store water are easy to carry from one place to the other and are also available easily at many places. This has made them very popular amongst tourists and also amongst many people who need to travel and commute on a daily basis. Thus the plastic water bottle industry is growing by leaps and bounds owing to the exponential increase in the demand for the water bottles. In India this industry has seen a significant growth since 1990s due to the boom in advertising.

Volume of such bottles utilised has reached up to 17 million tonnes by the year 2018 and the revenue of plastic bottled water industry is billions of dollars.

Major Players in the Plastic Bottle Industry

Be it water or be it cold drinks or soft drinks, many brands are major players in the bottled beverage industry. Some of the major players in bottled water industry are Bisleri, Bailiey, Kinley, Aquafina and Manikchand. Since we at Awanti Polymoulds are one of the best Bottle mould manufacturers in India and also are one of the best blowing machine manufacturers in India we are responsible for making great plastic bottle moulds in India. We have the privilege of working with all these major brands. To know more visit our website.

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