The Difference Between Blow Molding & Injection Molding

Molding of plastics has become a great industry and a very useful one. With increase in the use of plastic bottles, containers and storage vessels more and more techniques have been invented to suit the production of a particular plastic product. Different methods of molding are used to make different kinds of plastic objects.
Blow molding and injection molding are one of the highly utilized techniques and also are one of the most common ones. These techniques help in the production of high quality plastic parts in a cost effective way.

There are unique differences between the blow molding process and the injection molding process, here are some of them…

  1. Usage

Blow molding is usually used for the production of hollow objects such as plastic bottles or containers and injection is usually used for solid plastic containers. Blow molding is an old technique and has been used to create hollow objects since a long while.

  1. Factors Involved

In Blow molding apart from the actual making of the mold there are many factors that are taken into consideration such as type of the plastic, temperature, speed or velocity, whereas in injection molding the actual process of making the mold occupies the whole space. 

  1. Air

Air is one of the important factor in blow molding whereas in injection molding it is a strict ‘no-no’. Cavities or bubbles are created if the air in present during the process of injection molding. This might spoil the entire batch or the whole production. In the process of blow molding air plays a very vital role. It is pushed into the mold to expand it and give it the desired shape. 

  1. Cost

As the process of blow molding is simple, highly utilized and includes machines of low cost, manufacturing plastic objects/bottles using this process is much cheaper as compared to manufacturing objects using the process of injection molding. 

  1. Precision

In injection molding the formation of the mold is a process that requires high precision, after that the procedure is quite smooth and hence may be the end product also has high precision whereas in blow molding high precision to make molds isn’t required.

These are some of the basic differences between blow and injection molding. Taking these differences into consideration the companies decide which process they should indulge into.

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