Mould and bottle testing

The products we build stand the test of time and are durable, sturdy and of best quality.  An important aspect in the beverage industry is quality. A good bottle always lays the foundation of a great brand. The customer identifies and recognises the product mostly through its quality, hence it becomes the matter of utmost importance to make the product retain the best quality.

Best quality is achieved when the mould is put through a series of different tests. The process of testing plays a very crucial role in determining the quality of the finished product.

We at Awanti have an in-house facility for mould testing. Our machinery is of a globally reputed company. We are capable of testing moulds of various pack-sizes and applications like water, soda, juice, oil, liquor, pharma etc.

Awanti also has fully operational, international standard bottle testing laboratory. It is equipped with the latest equipment to perform critical tests like base crack, bottle burst, base clearance and material distribution tests.

Although mould manufacturing is our core activity, mould and bottle testing are additional services which we provide to global companies and beverages giants.

Due to these verified testing methods we at Awanti Polymoulds are well qualified for manufacturing high quality PET moulds, which are universally used in a plethora of beverage applications. PET bottles need highly accurate moulds therefore utmost care is taken while manufacturing those moulds and even higher caution is observed and undertaken while testing the moulds.

In the process of testing all the problems and obstacles that drastically affect and reduce the efficiency of the product are eradicated. A proper schedule is maintained, followed and performed to ensure, assure and safeguard the process of mould manufacturing and its smooth sailing.

The end result of all this is a great quality product, which translates into maximum customer delight!

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