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Every successful product has a story behind it- a company/a process /an idea that is a pioneering, trendsetting one, that makes it the part of its secret of success. Usually, that is behind the curtain and not in the forefront, yet without it, the success doesn’t see the light of the day.
Well, have you ever wondered who is behind the cold drinks that quench your thirst like Coca Cola, Pepsi or the Bisleri mineral water? It’s Awanti Polmoulds India, the proud representative of ‘Make In India’ movement that has played a significant role in making of the unparalleled quality, shape, aesthetics and easiness to use of these bottles.

Awanti Polmoulds- a Blowing Machine Manufacturer India– Pune- who makes the precise moulds that gives shape to the bottles in which you enjoy these cold drinks.

Awanti Polymoulds has risen to the position of the most preferred name of a pioneer and leader in designing, Blow Moulds Manufacturer for Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

This accomplishment of Awanti Polymoulds precedes its world class expertise in technology, an eye for detail, precision to the ultimate one-thousandth of a millimeter, stringent quality standards and an attentive ear for a client needs. The molded bottles thus ensure that the bottles meet the aesthetic and functional values such as high pressure filling, stacking, transportation, all-weather storage and usage. Awanti’s moulds are used across various product applications like packaged drinking water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, pharmaceuticals, edible oils, jars.
No wonder today Awanti Polymoulds boasts a long list of proud clients like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Manikchand, Patanjali, Parle Agro, Tata Tea and more.

Blow Moulding process :

While we use different methods of moulding, Plastic Bottle moulds in India are an old technique and have been used to create hollow objects for a long while.
Blow Moulding is a process of making hollow plastic parts and then joining them to make a container which would act like a mould to make various shaped bottles.
However, there are many disadvantages of the blow moulding process like

1. Requirement of precision generates a lot of waste
2. Humungous [ huge] quantity of petroleum usage
3. This manufacturing process affects the environment.

Injection Moulding process :

Injection moulding is basically a process where plastic is melted and poured into a mould. It is then cooled down to solidify the parts. It offers many advantages over blow moulding process.

• Large production requirements prefer the process.
• Low scrape
• Extremely low cost over other processes
• Highly Repeatable, thus consistent

Awanti Polymoulds- a name that is today synonymous with quality blow mould manufacturer in India– is forging ahead to add further feathers in the cap- while taking ahead the ‘Make in India’ movement proudly, successfully.

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