Moulds That Are Great For Long Lasting and Great Quality PET Bottles


PET Bottles are most preferred now and hence it is important for them to be long-lasting. Manufacturers prefer the moulds which are capable of manufacturing PET bottles with a better shelf life.

PET Bottles

Convenience, sturdiness and safety are few of the important properties why industries prefer PET Bottles for the purpose of packaging various liquid drinks and much more. Be it water, juices, edible oil, syrups or carbonated drinks, all are packed in well designed and durable PET Bottles. These bottles are lightweight and very effective.   

It is very easy to mould them in the desired shape so the manufacturers are easily able to produce bottles of various sizes and shapes with the help of PET. One of the great advantages of PET bottles is that they are recyclable.

Moulds For Long Lasting PET Bottles

The PET bottles are manufactured using the injection or blow moulding process. Some of the items packaged in the PET bottles are long-lasting or need to preserved and kept for a long duration of time hence it becomes very vital that even the PET bottles have a better shelf life.

For PET bottles to be long-lasting, good moulds should be utilized. PET preform moulds are utilized on a large scale for the manufacturing purpose. 

Awanti Polymoulds are one of the top players in the market when it comes to being great Blow mould manufacturers in India.

For the manufactured PET bottle to last for a long period of time a mould should have the following properties

  1. Precision and Accuracy

This is one of the vital properties of good moulds. Whether the design is intricate or simple, a mould should be able to manufacture bottles with accuracy and precision.

  1. Abrasion Resistant

For manufacturing a good quality PET bottle it is very essential for the mould to be of great quality. The mould which wears off easily aren’t recommended and are neither suitable for the production of PET bottles with a better shelf life. On the other hand, moulds that are able to withstand abrasion are the ideal ones.

  1. Durability

Plastic is highly durable and to process and manufacturer PET bottles only highly durable moulds should be utilized. Durability is an important aspect that should never be overlooked to ensure the manufacturing of large quantity and good quality PET bottles.

  1. Strength

A mould should be strong enough to withstand long hours of being included in the whole manufacturing process. Strength is an essential factor involved in the manufacturing process of anything.

  1.  High-Quality Raw Material

For longer durability and for having a great functionality it is very important for mould to be made up of high-quality raw material like high-grade stainless steel. This ensures the proper production and great quality of the bottles manufactured.

At Awanti Polymoulds, being one of the best blow moulds manufacturers in India we make sure that all our moulds include all the above features and more. Since we produce moulds that manufacture large quantity and great quality of PET bottles, we also are one of the top high-speed bottle moulds manufacturers in India.

We have always aimed at providing high precision and innovative products.

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