Moulds That Are Great For Long Lasting and Great Quality PET Bottles


PET Bottles are most preferred now and hence it is important for them to be long-lasting. Manufacturers prefer the moulds which are capable of manufacturing PET bottles with a better shelf life.

PET Bottles

Convenience, sturdiness and safety are few of the important properties why industries prefer PET Bottles for the purpose of packaging various liquid drinks and much more. Be it water, juices, edible oil, syrups or carbonated drinks, all are packed in well designed and durable PET Bottles. These bottles are lightweight and very effective.   

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Awanti PolymouldsWhat shall we say about Awanti Polymoulds portfolio of companies it has worked for- that has risen in a short span so far- they are the feathers in the cap for Awanti.

Coca-Cola, Parle agro, Bisleri, Electro Semantics, Pepsi, Patanjali, Manikchand, Aqua sure, CCD, Big Bazaar, Tata Tea, Sidel, Shyam Plastic Machinery- and the list is growing every month. All these are leading brands in India. 

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Achieve faster cycle time with quality injection molds

awantiTime- Efficiency-Productivity- leading to escalated profits- these are the buzzwords for every engineering manufacturer. Well, the bottle manufacturers who install plastic molds/perform molds are no exception to this. With the recurrent demand-supply cycle of bottles, they are all concerned about the acceleration faster cycle time.

What’s in it for the bottle manufacturer? Let us see what, how and why.

The concept of “Fast cycle time” is a strategy evolved recently through the all-time need of saving manufacturing time- or in other words, producing more goods per minute.

‘Fast cycle time’ is the method or a system of designing a manufacturing organization to eliminate bottlenecks and delays in production
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