All About Injection Moulding

Basic Process

Injection moulding is basically a process where plastic is melted and poured into a mould. It is then cooled down to solidify the parts. The process is further explained in the article.


  • Large Production

Injection moulding is majorly used where large numbers of units are required. 

  • Low Scrape Rate

Injection moulding is usually beneficial as it not only produces large quantity of units but also produces very low amount of waste. It has a very low scrap rate.

  • Low Cost

Another of the major advantages of induction moulding is it proves to be financially beneficial as it is very low cost. The price to be paid during the process of induction is extremely low as compared to the other procedures. 

  • Highly Repeatable

With the help of Induction moulding you would be able to produce same pieces in a repeatable fashion. This helps in maintaining the brand consistency also makes the brand highly reliable for its audience.


  • High Tooling Costs

The basic tooling required to make a mould and set the things up needs to be accurate as in the induction moulding process large numbers of units are produced. This tooling requires a lot of money and time for set up.

  • Production of Large parts

In induction moulding it become a little difficult to produce large parts as single pieces. Small parts are produced and joined together to form larger parts and this process is more time and effort consuming.

Process (In short)

  • Firstly the clamping of the moulds is done before the injection of the material into the moulds.
  • Later the raw plastic material is injected into the moulds which have undergone the clamping process. This plastic is subjected to high heat and pressure.
  • In the third stage the molten plastic cools down to solidify and become the desired shape.
  • Finally the cooled part that has solidified into the desired shape is then ejected out of the machine.


Injection moulding definitely is one of the great procedures which proves to be a great help in the mass production of the plastic units.

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